Snorkeling Palm Beach’s South Jetty

Per Person | $75

The Lake Worth Lagoon was once completely freshwater, until 1918 when it was dug out to provide access to the ocean. Around that same time period, the Port of Palm Beach was becoming a well established and vital shipping facility that required easy access to and from the ocean, and the Palm Beach Inlet provided just that. Over the following years, the inlet was widened and deepened to allow these massive shipping vessels to travel to and from the port. In 1958 a sand transfer plant, commonly referred to today as the “pump house” was constructed to bypass sand across the inlet from the north beach on Singer Island to the south beach on Palm Beach Island. With the growing population in the Lake Worth area, a significant change in the water quality was occuring due to an increase in local pollution. As a result, a second inlet in South Lake Worth also known as the Boynton Beach Inlet was dredged open in 1927 to increase water filtration throughout the Lake Worth Lagoon.

In 1967 the south jetty was extended 65ft and a 410ft curved extension was added to the north jetty. The sand transfer plant was upgraded in 1948, 1967 and 1998, and rebuilt in 2011.

Now, on the outside of the Palm Beach Jetty is a fun time and has a ton of beautiful tropical fish. Currents and condition must be right to do this trip.

Please note: This trip is not a beginner’s trip, you must know how to swim. We do provide all your gear, including snorkeling vests if needed. Come by yourself or grab a friend. A bathing suit is a must, a rash guard is a nice option.

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