1 Person | $199

Advanced Snorkeling Tour

Are you looking for that one new adventure like no other. This is the one trip that will change the way you feel about the big fish that swim among us. Come cage or free dive with the pros. We will take you on a journey thru the beautiful clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean out of the Palm Beach inlet. We are the closest piece of land to the gulf stream in the United States, which makes our high tides clearer than any other part of the nation.

Our boat leaves out of the 237 E Blue Heron Blvd location running up to 6 people at a time through the Palm Beach inlet to our perfect hidden spot to visits our underwater friends. Total trip is about 4 hours of fun. All your gear is included. Bring a GoPro or an underwater camera. Transportation is included if you’re staying at one of participating resorts or hotels.

1 Person$199

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