Parasailing Palm Beach is the perfect vacation activity that you will never forget. Our parasailing adventure allows you to soak in the breathtaking views of Palm Beach from above. Our experienced captain and crew will treat you as family, ensuring that you have a safe and memorable experience that you will never want to end!


Parasailing is a safe and fun way to feel like you’re flying above the ocean. Our captain and crew will go over all safety procedures prior to departing the dock before heading out of the Palm Beach Inlet. Our parasailing equipment allows us to fly 2-3 people at a time side by side. Once you are secure in your harness you will be gently lifted into the air as you start your ascend into the sky.


When you’re out coasting above the South Florida waters don’t worry about trying to capture the perfect photos. We offer an amazing photo package so you’re sure to be able to take home some amazing shots of your time parasailing. Trust us, you’re going to want to savor each and every memory you make and we want to help you make them. We do allow guests to bring their own cameras but we have had several guests lose their phones and camera to the ocean. Our staff is not liable for any lost personal items, so bring your own camera at your own risk.


We recommend that you should wear comfortable beach attire. Bathing suits are not mandatory, although many of our guests find that comfortable to wear in the warm Florida sunshine. We always recommend either wearing UV protected clothing or applying sunscreen before we depart to protect you from the sun.


For “parasailing palm beach,” TripAdvisor LLC gives Get Wet Watersports top marks. Many of our previous customers come back to rate us on their date of experience because we’re committed to excellence. Worried about a parasailing accident? Rest easy because we prioritize safety above all else. Even if you don’t have prior experience, we will show you the ropes and make sure that you not only have a great time parasailing, but you do it without putting yourself in danger. For our younger flyers, we will also instruct your legal guardian in safe parasailing basics to ensure that you both understand how to have a great time without any worries.


Even if adventure watersports aren’t your forte, there’s plenty of fun to be had in South Florida, from Boca Raton to beyond. We’ve got incredible regional cuisine, exciting locals, romantic hotels, hotel class four-star hotels, and much more. It’s truly unique culture and we’re excited to share it with each and every one of the travelers that we see on the South Palm Beach shores. Don’t be afraid to ask a staff member for some local recommendations. We’re always happy to help South Florida’s new visitors find a place that they can truly call their own.

If you’re a first-time flyer, contact us to learn more about our Parasailing Palm Beach packages and our rates. If you’re a previous customer that needs assistance, provide us with your name, contact information, and your date of experience so we can locate your data more effectively. New and seasoned parasailers alike are welcome at Get Wet Watersports and we’re excited to help you with all of your adventure watersports needs. Our team of pros is ready to hear from you and we can’t wait to see you soaring across the water.

Per Flyer$99
Per Observer$40

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