Skim Boards and Body Board Rentals

Adults | 1 HR | $10

Whether you want to ride the waves on a bodyboard laying down or you want to stand on a skim board as the waves come in, we have the one for you!

Some people say one can’t spend time or live in Palm Beach without having tried surfing at least once. While it takes time and effort to learn the art of surfing on a surfboard, bodyboarding allows beginners to enjoy the sport immediately without having to take the big risk of injury. A body board, in surfing slang also known as a sponge, is a small, rectangular piece of foam and usually between 39 and 42 inches long. Most bodyboarders ride the wave laying down, called prone, but it can also be ridden standing up.

Please email or call before making payment to ensure we have a board available in your size and style.

* CC deposit needed for board rentals (due at time of pickup)
** A $100 dollar charge will apply for any lost/stolen boards
*** A $50 charge will apply per ding repair / damaged boards
**Free delivery and pick up only on the island for daily rentals****

Adults1 Hour
1 Day
Kids1 Hour
1 Day

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