Surf Board Rentals

1 HR | $25

Looking for surfboard rentals while on vacation? Look no further. We got ’em—from shortboards to longboards to stand-up paddle boards!

We’ve got a plenty of boards that we keep on hand for all surfing levels and for all kinds of waves. And, unlike a lot of rental services, we keep our equipment in great shape. That means you’ll have a safer and more enjoyable time out on the water because you won’t have to deal with equipment fails and we’ll set you up with a board that you’ll be stoked to ride. We run rentals and lessons all year round primarily at are participating resorts.

We teach surf lessons along Singer Island seven days a week and pick our location every day based on where the waves are breaking best. We do our board rentals from our participating resorts. By renting on location, we handle all the logistics that you would otherwise have to deal with if you were picking up a board from a shop, getting it to the beach, parking, cleaning up, taking the board back for returns, and so on. With us, you just show up and go. No hassles. Also, we’ll be there to give you tips on the water and our staff has tons of experience and can pair you up with the best board for you for your session. If you decide you’d like a little more help, you won’t have to look far to get a lesson from some of the best surfers and surf instructors around!

Please email or call before making payment to ensure we have a board available in your size and style.

** CC deposit needed for board rentals (due at time of pickup)
** A $300.00 charge will apply for any lost/stolen boards
** A $100.00 charge will apply per ding repair/damaged boards
**Free delivery and pick up only on the island for daily rentals****

1 Hour$25
1 Day$100

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