Peanut Island Adventure Kayak Snorkel Rentals

1 Single Kayak w/ 1 Set of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided | $99

For years we have called our kayak snorkeling rentals a Peanut Island Adventure. Our staff will provide you and your family the gear and all the knowledge to get you on your way to a fun full day of kayaking snorkeling.

So pack a cooler, bring the camera and go have fun in the sun, island styling. Included is a double kayak, 2 masks, 2 snorkels, and 2 sets of fins. $99.00 for two. With its rocky shoreline and its location directly in the mouth of the inlet, it is known for having some of the best easy-access snorkeling in South Florida.

Plenty of colorful fish are viewable in waist-deep water, making it particularly popular with families.The best snorkeling is along the southern edge of the island. Visitors have seen rays, manatees, small sharks as well as many varieties of colorful reefs.

There are two good and distinctly different reasons to visit Peanut Island: It has terrific snorkeling and it offers a fascinating historic site — the bomb shelter used by President John F. Kennedy.


He agreed to pay the architect a $6,000 a year retainer for life if his work was confined exclusively to the Palm Beach area.r-Deputy Town Clerk Singer took his friends for picnics to a beautiful island north of Palm Beach which they called “Singer’s Island”. Singer’s dream was to build two enormous hotels there. On the south end would be the Paris Singer Hotel, and on the north end, the Blue Heron Hotel with a 36 hole golf course.

The estimated price was four million dollars – a fantastic amount in those years. Mizner was to design the hotels, but it is said Singer was so eager to start, construction of the Blue Heron was begun before the drawings were started. The opening date was set for 1926.

The hotel’s service wing was the first and the last to be completed. Singer’s original plan was to finance the building from the sale of lots throughout the island. The Florida land boom was already slowing down in 1925, and hurricanes and the stock market crash dealt a mortal blow to Singer’s finances. The shell of the Blue Heron remained for 14 years until it was demolished for scrap steel in the 1940’s. Singer reportedly left Florida a poor man and spent his years in Egypt on a houseboat on the Nile River.

1 Single Kayak W/ 1 Set of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided$99
1 Kayak Double W/ 2 Sets of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided$99
1 Paddle Board W/ 1 Set of Snorkel Gear - Self Guided$99

Riviera Beach Marina Location

Blue Heron Location

Shuttle service available for this location.

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