Jet Ski Waverunner Tour West Palm Beach

1 Jet Ski | $225

Please Read Before Booking

  • Due to the new Florida Senate Bill 606 you must accept or deny renter’s insurance. Please make sure to have a separate email for EACH DRIVER as every driver will need to be sent their own link to accept or deny coverage. This MUST BE DONE before you arrive to your rental. You will have 2 emails. One will come from ACCOUNT VERIFICATION for insurance & the another will be from Get Wet Water Sports with your waiver. It is adamant you come 30 minutes prior to your reservation with these forms filled out. We will not reschedule you or refund if you are late or do not have the forms filled out ahead of time. You will forfeit time on your rental if you do not show up on time. We apologize for any inconvenience. We must comply with the new bill to remain open. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Each ski is REQUIRED to have a $1200.00 security deposit. If using a credit card it must match who is renting. All deposits are refunded when skis are returned undamaged and on time.
  • American Express is NOT accepted.
  • ALL guests over 18 MUST bring a valid I.d. Even for guests riding on the back of the ski.
  • You MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled jet ski reservation. If taking a test (boating license) you must arrive 40 minutes prior to reservation.
  • Anyone who does not arrive on time you may NOT reschedule and you will be limited to your reservation time.

Come fly through the crystal blue waters of sunny South Florida’s Atlantic Ocean or Intracoastal on our 2022 Yamaha VX jet skis. Take a ride by yourself or bring a friend. Our jet ski rentals and tours are made easy with our fully certified staff providing you with the knowledge needed to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Any driver born after the year of 1988 must take the boater safety course in the State of Florida. THIS IS A FREE 3 HOUR COURSE. LICENSE LAST FOR LIFE. Additional riders have no age limit, they just have to be able to hang on!

Or take the temporary test online quick and easy. 3 MINUTE ONLINE TEST. GOOD FOR 12 MONTHS IN FLORIDA ONLY. COST IS $10.

Come see Palm Beach, Singer Island at its best. Come cruise our 1 hour tour and see some of the beauty of Palm Beach county’s high-end lifestyles homes by the water. You can relax and learn about Palm Beach county’s history and hear about who lives in what homes. We mostly run in no wake zones, so it’s a quiet ride and a nice time to enjoy Mother Nature by water in the Lake Worth Lagoon. ( Great for corporate events and large parties )

In the mid-19th century the body of water the Lake Worth Lagoon was a freshwater lake.

There were no rivers or streams flowing into the lake; all of the flow into the lake was by ground seepage from the Everglades to the west. Extreme high tides and waves, high lake water levels and storms occasionally caused the formation of temporary inlets that quickly closed up again. When there was no inlet available, the settlers in the area had to haul their boats over the barrier beaches to move them between the ocean and the lake.

In 1866 travelers reported that fresh water was pouring out of the lake into the ocean at a point about ten miles (16 km) south of the Jupiter Inlet.One report is that a settler named August Lang had dug the channel to open an inlet, and it was known as Langs Inlet for a while.This cut drained the lake down to sea level.The limited inflow of ocean water through the inlet and continued seepage of freshwater from the Everglades kept the lake from becoming more than mildly brackish. Langs Inlet was unstable and had to be dug out again every few months. Construction of a stable inlet at the Black Rocks one mile (1.6 km) north of Langs Inlet was finally achieved in 1877. The lake immediately began to change to a saltwater lagoon.The completion of a navigation canal from the north end of Lake Worth Lagoon to Jupiter Inlet in the 1880s resulted in increased freshwater discharges to the lagoon.

Need to take your boaters safety course?

If you are taking this course so you can ride with us, you must be able to print the page that shows you passed completed the course. Your card will be mailed to you. Our brand new 2022 Yamaha VX Sport units are all new, well maintained and damage-free.

1 Jet Ski$225
Per Rider$89

American Express is not accepted for Jet Ski Rentals. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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