Catamaran Snorkel Charter

1 Person | $75

At our outposts we are committed to having the best available employees and associates to better provide you with the best assistance possible. With ACA Certified Instructors, Florida Master Naturalists and guides who have fished the waters of South Florida for years. Our rental and retail staff are here to make sure you have a fun, informative and memorable experience on and off the water.

Snorkeling is one of Palm Beaches finest activity to do while living here or on vacation. Singer Island is the closest body of land to the Gulf Stream in the United States. Every high tide we get that new beautiful Caribbean waters. Most days with weather permitting, the visibility is 50 to 100 feet under water. So go ocean or intercoastal and you’ll have plenty of sea life to explore. Remember, bring a camera.

Let’s whisk over in our boat and see the famous Peanut Island Snorkel Tour to the man-made artificial reef. This tour is another hidden gem for those snorkelers that never seen bigger tropical fish right up and personal. Our guides swim down to the bottom of the reef and bring up two-foot starfish and place them right in your hands to hold. This trip is one to remember.

Wednesday Tour

Peanut Island is a 79-acre (320,000 m2) island at the mouth of the Lake Worth Inlet in Palm Beach County Florida, United States. The island was created by dredging-related projects in 1918 which also created the inlet and the Port of Palm Beach.

Originally named Inlet Island, the island was renamed Peanut Island for a planned peanut oil-shipping operation which failed in 1946. A $13 million USD renovation on the island in 2005 resulted in Peanut Island Park including camp sites, a pier, and a manmade reef. The island also features a blast shelter built in secret for President John F. Kennedy shortly after his 1960 election. Kennedy often spent winters in nearby Palm Beach, Florida. The shelter is operated by the Palm Beach Maritime Museum and is open to visitors as an example of Cole War-era concerns for the president’s safety.

1 person (Catamaran)
Big boat, up to 49 Max
(2.5 hour tour)
$75 Each
Private boat (up to 6 people)
Small boat
(2.5 hour tour)

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